Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tiny Dressed Dolls

One of my many 'phases' over the years was to knit lace edgings taken from vintage patterns on size 21 needles and using silk thread. All very pretty and enormously satisfying, but then what was I to do with them?  It occurred to me one day that some of them might just lend themselves for use as miniature clothing. So I got busy adapting them as necessary to dress some 1/24 scale porcelain dolls that I bought many years ago from Meadowcroft Miniatures. Here are the results; I'm pretty pleased with them!

And so began my next 'phase': dressing 1/24 scale porcelain dolls! I think my skills as a knitter far exceed my skills as a wig-maker. I just CANNOT get on with viscose hair fibre! The last time I attempted viscose fibre ringlets, my cat knocked them off the windowsill into the toaster, which was on at the time...and they melted onto Ian's breakfast toast -  which did nothing to improve either my mood or marital relations.... So I used bunka (unravelled fringing of the type you get on lampshades) to wig them and I think it works quite well on these tiny dolls. Here are some more pictures, with a standard stainless steel thimble to show the scale:

Of course, once I'd exhausted my supply of these expensive porcelain dolls, I rather fancied the idea of making a miniature doll shop. But for that I would need a LOT more dolls. I needed a cheaper option! Next time, I'll show you that even if you can't "get owt for nowt", as we say in Yorkshire, you can at least get quite a lot for not very much.

Until next time
Kathryn x


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  2. these dolls are precious!! I make 1/24 scale cloth dolls and I am starting a project of 40 of them for my mansion. I crochet so I will try to "transpose" your knitting patterns into crochet. See, on Etsy for the cloth doll patterns to make cheaper than porcelain dolls. :) Maybe you guys could meetup - she makes the dolls & you dress them.